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       Important Information       

  • Best to book at least 24hrs., but not less than 2hrs. in advance (after completing verification).  If booking on short notice please CALL ME.  You might get lucky and find me available.  However, minimal notice generaly equates to minimal availability.
  • Please keep im mind you are compensating me for my time and companionship.  This includes dinner dates, drinks, conversation, the hot tub, etc.  
  • Please have donation in an envelope and placed in the bathroom before my arrival.  
  • I don't answer calls, respond to emails, texts or PM's while in session and often have multiple hour sessions; all the reason for booking in advance.  I give all clients equal respect.  If I have nothing on schedule I tend to make other plans or get involved in other activities so please take that into consideration and allow me ample time to respond.
  • I WILL NOT discuss details regarding donations or activities that are sexual in nature.
  • For bookings longer than 3 hrs please contact me for information.
  • I verify all new clientele for mutual safety. When contacting me to book please provide your verification credentials in addition to the preffered date, time duration and location for your booking in your request.  Verification may be accomplished by "one of" the following five options:
  1. Provide pic of photo ID (need to see name and pic only) and pic of either a business card, company credit card, badge, etc. or provide business website or business phone # if your listed on a company directory.  The objective here is to ensure me that you do not work for law enforcement.
  2. Provide Date-Check, TER, AHCArizona, P411, other verification/review site, etc. handle and or member ID and pic of photo ID. Must be an active member/account.
  3. Provide contact information for 2 providers you've seen in the last six months.  Preferably those with recent reviews and websites.
  4. Location verification: This option applies to outcalls to a private resident.  Provide pic of you holding photo ID standing outside next to mail box/house number, etc. or photo ID pic with current utility bill pic.  The objective is to ensure me that you are at the outcall location.
  5. Room verification:  This option applies to outcalls to hotels only.  Provide first and last name the room is booked under in addition to a phone # to the hotel and the room #.  I will call to verify the room prior to my departure.

Any information provided will not be stored, shared or copied and will be deleted once the verification process has been completed. It is only used to ensure me that you are safe, to verify your legitimacy as a client and give credit to your level of integrity.  I do not, have not and will never make calls to employers.  I respect your need for discretion and privacy.

The above guidelines, when respected and followed, will ensure a smooth, timely booking and enjoyable experience for both.  Isn't that what it's all about?  

Hugs and kisses!  Mystique 



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